LORA GROUP naturally evolved from a historical reality that rose in the ‘70s. Changing times, technological progress and new and always more global market demands led the group to respond with technology, productivity and planning. The group developed from Tecnomeccanica Lora company which specializes in designing and manufacturing dies. After a short time, thanks to the skilfulness and the technological success that Tecnomeccanica Lora obtained, and due to considerable external pressures, Lora brothers decided to start working in the supply industry. They founded Trancerie Trivenete, a company specialized in high-speed blanking and production through transfer presses. The development of high-speed blanking gave the new company the opportunity to enter the magnetic sheet die casting industry starting a pressure die casting division which manufactured rotors for electric motors.
After adopting the aluminium injection technology, the company started producing multiple cavity pressure casting dies. At the end of the ‘80s, Meccaniche Venete was founded due to the need to develop erosion machining technology. This company exclusively specializes in electro-discharge manufacturing. Constantly responding to clients’ needs, LORA GROUP offered more and more specific solutions to respond to marcket demands both in die and in supply manufacturing. In particular, the need to produce large stators and rotors for wind energy, led to create Tecno Slot, a company specialized in manufacturing customized rotor and stator packs through punching. Thanks to continuous technological development and to the ability to respond to market needs with state-of- the-art manufacturing solutions, the company recently patented, on an international level, an innovative solution to produce large electric stators and rotors.